We could reinvent the wheel here, but to be honest if you are looking for a list of excellent links related to emergency medicine head on over to Life in the Fast Lane and check their resources page. If I copy it it’s plagiarism, if I link to it it’s a compliment and they certainly deserve the compliment. LITFL is excellent so start there.

It’s an excellent list of what’s good in EM and one day we hope to make their EM Bloggers page!

Blogs we regularly read ourselves include…..

Enjoy 🙂



  1. Mike Cadogan

    Thanks guys
    Some useful links I would include are:
    Our top choices for online resources [Stuff We Read] and a constantly updated list of every emergency medicine blog – and finally the podcast links – updating regularly with a search function to allow you to find the best resources by keyword search –


  2. stemlyns

    Cheers Mike. Credit where credit is due, you’re doing a great job.



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