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Our library is the repository of some of the series we run at St.Emlyn’s. Rick’s cardiology cases, our philosophy of EM series and the diagnostic tests/risk management posts all have a home here. You can also search across the site using the search function on the right, or by using the categories button a little further down in the right hand column.

If you are an emergency physician then diagnosis is the core of our practice. Do you understand it? Do you really know what you mean by declaring that a patient does or does not have disease. This is essential reading for anyone who wants to be a wise clinician in the difficult environment of the ED.

Rick Body is our resident expert on all things cardiological. Check out his case files from Virchester.

Our occasional series looking at EM in a more relaxed and philosophical way. Smoking jacket and slippers on, nice warm fire, fire up the ipad, read, relax and think.


Case of the week (month), and posts that will make you a better clinician.





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