JC: A decade of reversal: an analysis of 146 contradicted medical practices.

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This week the blog, the podcast, SMACC and twitter have been 'off on one' about belief, evidence, adoption, change and practice. It has been great to tackle one of the trickiest decisions we have to make as clinicians with some fantastic people … [Continue reading]

Louise Cullen on why most published research is wrong. St.Emlyn’s


I have to agree with all the sentiments about SMACC being the best conference in the world for a blend of science and practicality for critical care medicine. I also find that SMACC conference talks delve into topics that many others do not venture. … [Continue reading]

JC: Does wave form analysis improve outcome in VF arrest? St.Emlyn’s

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For those of us schooled through the Advanved Life Support courses I think we may be forgiven for thinking of Ventricular Fibrillation as a single condition. The treatment of VF follows a set algorithm that certainly implies that we are dealing with … [Continue reading]

Joe Lex – The Godfather of FOAM makes an offer you can’t refuse

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One of the greatest things about the FOAM movement is how much it feels like a family. There's a real willingness to share and contribute to one another which is really refreshing, an ethos captured in Tim Leeuwenberg's SMACC reflections blog post. … [Continue reading]

Do risk factors factor in the ED? St.Emlyn’s at #SMACC Gold

do risk factors factor

We've said it before but SMACC really is the best conference in the world for anyone involved in resuscitation, and it's not just about the latest and greatest bits of kit, or the latest airway technique. There is plenty of science, encompassing … [Continue reading]

Critical Care Horizons Journal. Amazing work from Rob MacSweeney.

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Back in March I finally got round to meeting the hard working, funny and all round good guy Rob MacSweeney from Northern Ireland. Not only is he the brains behind critical care reviews, one of the best sites in the world for critical care evidence … [Continue reading]

Stephen Covey and medical leadership part 2: Begin with the end in mind

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Recently we published the first of a new series looking at the lessons we can learn in medicine from Stephen Covey's legendary book 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People'.  A lot of this is relevant to our everyday lives as well as our … [Continue reading]