JC: Don’t Write off the Respiratory Rate – Part One


Two really interesting PEM-relevant papers appeared online first in Archives of Disease in Childhood in July – and happy days, both are FOAM! What’s great about these papers is how they compliment each other in thinking about paediatric respiratory rates. You’ll often hear respiratory rate reported as the forgotten vital sign, its significance overlooked. Most […]

Speak Up! Have your say on the NICE guidance for Major Trauma

Major Trauma - Courtesy of Janos Baombe

A draft of the NICE guidance on assessment and management of major trauma was released this morning for stakeholder consultation. If you work in a major trauma centre, in a trauma unit – or in any institution which might receive patients with major trauma injuries, YOU are a stakeholder and NICE wants to know what you […]

Taking a sexual history in ED

Sexual History (1)

Emergency physicians often feel that taking a sexual history in EDs is something medical school and specialty training have not prepared them very well for. This comes as no surprise as it differs significantly from ordinary medical history taking.  Personal, religious beliefs, our own sexuality and upbringing will undoubtedly further influence the way we take […]

JC: Gadgets and Gizmos for gaining IV access in kids. St.Emlyn’s

Screenshot 2015-08-02 08.45.42

If you have heard the St.Emlyn’s team talk about innovation then you will know that we have a healthy scepticism for technology. Technology is great of course and we love gadgets as much as the next video-laryngocsopist ( 😉 ), but we also love EVIDENCE. The history of medicine is awash with great ideas that […]

JC: EAST – Let’s Be Blunt About ED Thoracotomy

Journal club at st emlyn's-2

You may have heard it said that the hardest thing about performing a resuscitative thoracotomy is the decision to do it. You may also have heard it said that the above statement is nonsense; that if you find the decision hard, you probably don’t know the procedure well enough; “the intention to do it should be very […]