For the Record: Can Patients Record Clinical Consultations?


Somewhere in the ITV archives is television footage of me, on my first day in the PED as an ST3 doctor, assessing a child with a scald in resus. I knew before I started my six month PEM rotation that the crew weren’t quite finished their filming commitments but at no point had I considered that, […]

GMC Guidance on social media use by doctors. St.Emlyn’s


Firstly apologies for the slow updates of late. I am ‘away from the desk’ so to speak, having a lovely time and all, but there are certain restrictions on internet access! Anyway……..the GMC guidance has arrived. Most if not all doctors should have received an email from the GMC today regarding an update to General […]

‘Appy days’ – Medical apps at St.Emlyn’s


Smart phones and their associated stand-alone software applications, or apps, have become ubiquitous within the field of Medicine and perhaps, nowhere more so than the forward-thinking, technology embracing, occasionally geeky world of Emergency Medicine.  A survey in 2010 showed that 99% of medical staff had a mobile phone, and 81% of them used a ‘smart’ […]