JC: Is surgical fixation of rib fractures ready for a comeback? St.Emlyn’s

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If you’re an emergency physician practicing in the UK you may  be a bit surprised to hear about a trial published this week looking at the use of open reduction and internal fixation of rib fractures, and more specifically flail chests.  Surgical management of rib fractures is something that took place 40-60 years ago, but […]

SMACC 2013: Mike Cadogan on Social Media. St.Emlyn’s

You almost certainly know Mike @sandnsurf , and if you don’t you should. He is a founder of Life in the Fast Lane and the genius behind getting St.Emlyn’s up and running. This talk from SMACC 2013 is a fantastic review of where we are and is required listening for anyone interested in learning through […]

JC: If the Video Laryngoscope was stroke thrombolysis……. St.Emlyn’s


It has been truly fascinating to look at the responses to the paper on use of the glidescope for trauma patients. The post looks at the paper from R Adams Cowley shock trauma centre that shows little benefit and potential harm from the use of the glidescope. My summary conclusion would be.. For trauma patients […]

JC: Do paediatric CT scans cause cancer? St.Emlyn’s


If I think back to my practice a few years ago (as I’m getting older) there is no doubt that the number of CT scans I’ve performed from the ED has increased. In both my adult and paediatric practice the indications for CT have increased, the ease of obtaining a scan has decreased and as […]

JC: Point of care USS for Hypotension in the ED. St.Emlyn’s

Playmobile USS

[blackbirdpie url="https://twitter.com/PBSherren/status/323826308276699138"] Many thanks to Peter Sherren for spotting this paper published in Intensive Care medicine this month. Point of care ultrasound is one of my interests and only this week I met a patient whose life was certainly saved by it in the ED a few years ago (cracking diagnosis in the resus room […]