JC: Getting Chilly Quickly 4. Doing It For The Kids


We have looked at therapeutic hypothermia not once, not twice, but three times already here at St Emlyn’s; most of our ED consultants also work, at least some of the time, down the long corridor in our paediatric ED – so our interest in how we can best look after our post-cardiac arrest patients extends to […]

Neurocritical care in Manchester NASGBI and St.Emlyn’s

Screenshot 2015-05-21 06.58.25

Neurocritical care debate, discussion and overall goodness this month, in the form of a conference. This time at least it’s local and the St Emlyns team are off to Manchester for the 50th Annual Scientific Conference of the NeuroAnaesthesia Society of Great Britain and Ireland (NASGBI). If you thought that was a mouthful then during […]

JC: An International Clinical Trials Day Special

International (2)

International Clinical Trials Day 2015 is on 20th May.  To mark the occasion we’re going to run an extra special critical appraisal.  This time, let’s look at an awesome piece of work I came across in the literature.  It’s not exactly hot off the press – but it’s an inspirational piece of work that I’m […]

JC: Are typical chest pain symptoms predictive of outcome? St.Emlyn’s

Chest pain

We love a bit of meta-cognition here at St.Emlyn’s. As time passes and we all become a little longer in the tooth it becomes increasingly apparent that it’s not just ‘what’ we know it’s how we use it. In diagnostic testing in the ED (something that we are supposed to be awesome at) we must […]

Feeling Fit in Chicago: Join the smaccRUN!


Details of the long anticipated smaccRUN 2015 are finally here. Have a listen to the promo podcast featuring the seriously skilled, incredibly athletic half-man, half-machine that is Jesse Spurr, friend of St Emlyns and ICU Nurse Educator Extraordinare. Find out about how #smaccRUN came about and how you can get involved in Chicago at SMACC, regardless […]

JC: One Benzo Fits All? Lorazepam vs Diazepam for Paediatric Status Epilepticus

Loraz Diaz Status Epilepticus

It’s been a little quiet of late here in the lofty towers of St Emlyn’s Virtual Hospital, not because the patients have stopped coming (trust me, they haven’t) but because many of the clinicians have spent their non-working hours squirreled away desperately designing talks for SMACC. Now that the 1st May submission deadline has passed I’m […]

Top 10 Trauma papers 2014-2015. St.Emlyn’s

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 21.25.25

I was recently at the Trauma Care UK conference in Telford. As ever, it’s a great bunch of people working hard to improve trauma management in the UK. My talk this year was on the top 10 trauma papers published in the last 12 months. It’s a nice talk to give, largely because it involves […]

Good times part 1: DIDO-30 for STEMI

DIDO 30 2.001

STEMI is one of the true medical emergencies.  We all know that the sooner our patient gets revascularisation, the better they do.  We’ve known this for years.  In a very nice meta-analysis, Eric Boersma showed how the survival benefit from thrombolysis decayed exponentially with time from symptom onset.  That relationship’s so marked that if we […]

Guess or Gestalt in Major Trauma at St.Emlyn’s

Massive haemorrhage

I was recently fortunate enough to speak at the the Emergency Medicine Educators Conference in Coventry on a subject that continues to interest me, that of gestalt, judgement and clinical decision making. As I get older I increasingly realise that simply acquiring more knowledge and skills is not enough. What’s really important is how we […]

The SWEETest Sim – Real People, High Fidelity at #SWEETs15

The sweetest

  In March 2015 I invited myself to the Swedish Emergency Medicine conference SWEETs in Stockholm. It was a huge privilege to learn about EM in Sweden and to work alongside some of my favourite people. I had an absolutely amazing and exhausting time – as well as presenting on presentation skills for the Teaching […]

Trauma: An Elite Sport? Tom Evens at the London Trauma Conference 2014


One of the things I love about conferences is listening to “fringe” talks – those which don’t necessarily cover a review of a clinical topic but encourage us to look at our overall practice in a different way. At the London Trauma Conference back in December 2014 I caught up with Dr Tom Evens – Tom is […]