Not Just History Repeating. St.Emlyn’s


Our journey through life is peppered with “firsts”. From unrecollectable first words, to the first day at school, to our first kiss and beyond; these unique experiences stay with us and influence us forever. Even with advancing years there are still many firsts to experience, both personally and professionally and I recently had one in […]

The Archers of the Emergency Department. St.Emlyn’s

Archery in the ED-1

It is a little known fact that to be successful as an emergency physician in the UK it is vital to take a three month rotation in Archery. Archery is a key skill for us all dating back to Medieval times when we introduced the longbow into warfare. This devastating tool could cause panic in […]

Am I intimidating? Sarah Payne guest blogs at St.Emlyn’s

Meryl Streep played a stereotypical view of female leadership in The Devil Wears Prada.

I had some surprising (and if I’m telling the truth, a bit upsetting) feedback recently. During their end of attachment debrief one of our F2s said that they found me ‘intimidating’. I’ve had isolated comments like this before on the odd MSF, and haven’t usually taken much notice of them. But I’m in more of […]

Do you walk past? St.Emlyn’s

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Growing up in an age where the England cricket team was routinely beaten by opponents Down Under I have always had a grudging respect for the Australian people. Their attitude to work, and play, seemed to strike a chord and the 18 months I spent working in an ED in Sydney merely reinforced this. Therefore, […]

JC: Updated NICE Head Injury Guidelines – Worth a Scan?


In the last few days Twitter has been buzzing (does twitter buzz? Or does it chirp? Tweet?) with EM practitioners getting to grips with the latest iteration of the NICE Head Injury Clinical Guideline, updated this month to CG176. The BMJ has produced a nice summary but sadly it’s behind a paywall – so here’s […]

Cliff Mann on UK Emergency Medicine recruitment. St.Emlyn’s


This week has seen some real progress on the crisis in emergency medicine recruitment within the UK. Health Education England appears to be taking recruitment really seriously with a document released this week stating how we will bring more trainees into the system. If you are interested in UK EM then this is a must […]

There’s a vIP in the ED at St.Emlyn’s


The setting – Resus, The ED, St.Emlyn’s, Virchester The event – A major trauma team resuscitation, multiple stabbing to chest and abdo. The patient has arrived and you’re just about to head to CT. My role – Trauma Team Leader The conversation – (Senior nurse Virchester)  – “Simon…., Simon….., Simon…… listen, Prof Y has just […]

Top tips for trainees…….from CEM

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 16.02.09

Just a quick one to point colleagues and potential EM docs towards a document from the College of Emergency Medicine. CEM7450-Top-tips-for-a-great-trainee-v5-(21.9.13) Authored by Tony Joy , Dafydd Hammond-Jones & Jamie Moran it’s a brief, but helpful guide to getting the most out of training. There are 10 top tips….., and I agree with all but […]

Road to… Nowhere? ED Implications of the Liverpool Care Pathway Review


If you haven’t seen recent UK media coverage of the review of the Liverpool Care Pathway I have to wonder where you’ve been. Nevertheless, I really don’t want to get involved in the historical facts and opinions surrounding the pathway itself – I want to know what the recent review article means for me as […]

The ED is medical education’s front line. St.Emlyn’s

This is how some days feel. Wikimedia

This week the GMC has published a report on emergency medicine training in the UK (press release here). The report follows a series of visits to UK emergency departments looking at how training is delivered and how service change and delivery influences the effectiveness of education. The report was commissioned in response to concerns about […]