Professor Simon Carley

Professor Simon Carley is Consultant in Emergency Medicine. He works in adult and paediatric emergency medicine. He has published over 100 academic papers and has a passion for research and education.

JC. ROTEM for ED coagulopathy detection. St.Emlyn’s


Coagulopathy is well known to be a significant issue in the ED. There is increasing awareness that the early awareness, detection and management of coagulation problems is important for ED management, but it’s tricky. Laboratory based tests may not tell us what we need to know about the effectiveness of blood clotting and as anyone […]

JC: Rapid update on the resus pearls of 2013. St.Emlyn’s

Screenshot 2014-03-29 11.41.01

Two papers on the prepublication list at the Resuscitation Journal. The first is open access (#FOAMed), and both are worth a read. There are some great resus pearls in here. Paper 1 covers highlights in epidemiology, cardiac arrest prevention, BLS, education, defibrillation, pregnancy, trauma, drowning and avalanche (!). Paper 2 covers highlights in ALS, post […]

JC: What has an awesome NNT of 5.8 for severe sepsis? St.Emlyn’s

TARDIS RCT anyone?

Last week we saw the publication of the ProCESS study suggesting that protocolised treatment of sepsis makes little difference to outcome. A little earlier we heard that cooling to 33C vs 36C may not make much difference either. Seriously, what the bally hell is going on with resuscitation these days? It seems as though interventions […]

Marginal gains, Matt Parker, F1 and the ED. St.Emlyn’s


Are you looking for the next big thing in resuscitation? Are you seeking the next miracle drug, technique, algorithm that will save your patient? Of course you are. You are reading the St.Emlyn’s blog, or one of the many other awesome #FOAMed resources out there on the web. You may even be attending the greatest […]

JC: Is Early Goal Directed Therapy dead? St.Emlyn’s


 Gosh, hardly a day goes by in the world of FOAMed without another tweet alerting me to the wonders of research. Today is no exception and despite being here at SMACCGold, needing to go for a run, finish my talks for tomorrow, get to the bar and see friends this cannot be missed. Now I […]