Professor Simon Carley

Professor Simon Carley is Consultant in Emergency Medicine. He works in adult and paediatric emergency medicine. He has published over 100 academic papers and has a passion for research and education. Google

JC: Do all VTE patients need a CT for cancer?

VTE and the hunt for

Virchester has a long history of research in the ambulatory management of venous thromboembolism. Several MDs and PhDs have been completed here looking at both therapeutic and diagnostic strategies in this rather tricky group of patients. In summary, we have got a lot better at risk stratifying, investigating and treating patients with potential VTE disease, […]

Update on RCEM curriculum mapping

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The permanent page for this post can be found by clicking here. If you are a trainee or trainer in the Royal College of Emergency Medicine  (RCEM) then you should be familiar with the curriculum. This was last updated in 2010 and covers the breadth of the speciality. Here at St.Emlyn’s we believe that #FOAMed […]

JC: Gadgets and Gizmos for gaining IV access in kids. St.Emlyn’s

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If you have heard the St.Emlyn’s team talk about innovation then you will know that we have a healthy scepticism for technology. Technology is great of course and we love gadgets as much as the next video-laryngocsopist ( 😉 ), but we also love EVIDENCE. The history of medicine is awash with great ideas that […]

Free #FOAMed based courses at St.Emlyn’s. The next step in shared learning

St.Emlyn's Virtual Hospital presents

Before #FOAMed was invented the St.Emlyn’s team were already deeply immersed in online learning. Back in 2005 we began using a moodle platform to teach our junior doctors online such that we did not have to rely on everyone being in the same place at the same time. This was invention born of necessity as […]

#smaccUS Day 2 and 3 round up. St.Emlyn’s


We had the greatest aspirations at #smaccUS to put a podcast out every night, honestly we really did. We had plans, microphones, people, aspirations and desire. Sadly there is also the issue of reality and despite the attempt to take our Hogwarts certified time-turner to Chicago we simply ran out of time. From the moment […]