JC: Paediatric Major Trauma Triage

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There aren’t a lot of things in Emergency Medicine that are more important than managing paediatric major trauma.  St. Emlyn’s in Virchester is a Paediatric Major Trauma Centre, and it’s virtual catchment area is pretty massive.  That means we’re pretty used to the adrenaline surge that you get at 4am when the pager goes off […]

When pain relief is not enough in the Emergency Department. St.Emlyn’s


Treating pain in the Emergency Department is a skill, and a really important one.  Although we’d like to think otherwise, saving lives actually accounts for only a very small part of what we do as emergency physicians.  The other, much larger, part of our role is to make our patients’ lives better.  There are many ways that we […]

Cardiology Case 03: Are you missing the STEMI? St. Emlyn’s


It’s been a while since we had a Cardiology case at St. Emlyn’s.  If you haven’t already seen Cardiology cases 1 and 2, make sure you take a look. Check out our disclaimer too.  We believe that sharing cases is a great way to learn – but we’re sure to protect the anonymity of real […]

JC. ACS: Antiplatelets ACCOAST-ed?


Most people I talk to who work in Emergency or Acute Medicine hate chest pain.  Personally I think they’re crazy but I can see where they’re coming from.  Chest pain is the most common reason for emergency admission, making up 1 in 4 acute medical admissions.  Most of those patients (at least three quarters, depending […]