Rick Body

Rick Body is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine, an NIHR Postdoctoral Research Fellow, an Honorary Lecturer in Cardiovascular Medicine and the Research Director of the Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care Research Group (EMERGING) in Central Manchester, UK. The focus of his research is in the early diagnosis of acute coronary syndromes, with emphasis on decision-making technology and biomarkers

The North West Emergency Medicine Regional Research Symposium 2015


On Thursday 23rd July we held our annual North West Emergency Medicine Regional Research Symposium. This is an opportunity to celebrate some of the fantastic Emergency Medicine research going on around Greater Manchester. And this year, as we usually do, we had a terrific line up. Here’s a quick run down on some of the […]

JC: An International Clinical Trials Day Special

International (2)

International Clinical Trials Day 2015 is on 20th May.  To mark the occasion we’re going to run an extra special critical appraisal.  This time, let’s look at an awesome piece of work I came across in the literature.  It’s not exactly hot off the press – but it’s an inspirational piece of work that I’m […]

Good times part 1: DIDO-30 for STEMI

DIDO 30 2.001

STEMI is one of the true medical emergencies.  We all know that the sooner our patient gets revascularisation, the better they do.  We’ve known this for years.  In a very nice meta-analysis, Eric Boersma showed how the survival benefit from thrombolysis decayed exponentially with time from symptom onset.  That relationship’s so marked that if we […]

The ProMISe Study: EGDT RIP?

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Today is another landmark in the history of sepsis research. The long awaited results of the ProMISe trial are finally published in the New England Journal of Medicine. At 56 hospitals across the United Kingdom we’ve been working tirelessly to recruit patients to this awesome, cutting edge randomised controlled trial comparing early goal directed therapy […]