JC: Getting Chilly Quickly 4. Doing It For The Kids


We have looked at therapeutic hypothermia not once, not twice, but three times already here at St Emlyn’s; most of our ED consultants also work, at least some of the time, down the long corridor in our paediatric ED – so our interest in how we can best look after our post-cardiac arrest patients extends to […]

Feeling Fit in Chicago: Join the smaccRUN!


Details of the long anticipated smaccRUN 2015 are finally here. Have a listen to the promo podcast featuring the seriously skilled, incredibly athletic half-man, half-machine that is Jesse Spurr, friend of St Emlyns and ICU Nurse Educator Extraordinare. Find out about how #smaccRUN came about and how you can get involved in Chicago at SMACC, regardless […]

JC: One Benzo Fits All? Lorazepam vs Diazepam for Paediatric Status Epilepticus

Loraz Diaz Status Epilepticus

It’s been a little quiet of late here in the lofty towers of St Emlyn’s Virtual Hospital, not because the patients have stopped coming (trust me, they haven’t) but because many of the clinicians have spent their non-working hours squirreled away desperately designing talks for SMACC. Now that the 1st May submission deadline has passed I’m […]