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Grumpy, balding Yorkshireman, who despite practicing medicine on the good folk of Manchester and it's environs, still lives in god's own county, after a brief sabbatical learning medicine in Edinburgh and then training in EM in Newcastle and NW England. Has an unhealthy interest in bikes, pies, cricket and Huddersfield Town FC. Enjoys EBEM and spends time off working the land, raising chickens, with goats to follow and a nascent cider orchard. In the summer can often be found in a field listening to wandering minstrels and treating festival punters with

Futureproofing EM: Why your trainees deserve it (and your nation needs it). St.Emlyn’s

  I suspect all Deaneries (locality branches of Health Education England as they are now known) have their traditions and meetings. In the former NW post-graduate deanery we have ours. One of these is Calman day. Until this year it…
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What I do on my holidays, by Alan Grayson, aged 37 and a half. St.Emlyn’s

  The most amazing place in the world! Thanks to @TropicalEDdoc, @Lanafeld and @abc730 for the prompt for this.       [blackbirdpie url=”″]   Drugs and music have always been a fairly potent combination. Unfortunate deaths, such as the…
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