SMACC 2013: Anarchy in the UK at St.Emlyn’s

anarchy sdcThanks to the Intensive Care Network for publishing the audio from SMACC2013 on the Anarchy in the UK talk, and for the awesome picture above. This was designed to explain the journey that St.Emlyn’s has taken form the first attempts at asynchronous learning through to our embracing of #FOAMed and all that it has to offer.

As always we love to open the debate and to be a bit controversial so please take the talk with that in mind, and thanks for listening. Our thoughts on the GMC guidance have of course now been realised with the recent publications (which as predicted were fairly controversial in parts).



Direct download here


Simon Carley: Anarchy in the UK from Social Media and Critical Care on Vimeo.


And of course you can’t forget about SMACCGOLD next year in Australia. St.Emlyn’s will once again make the trek across the seas to the ‘lucky country’, to learn, share and defend #SimWarsAshes2014. We’d love as many Brits as possible to come along, so if you’re thinking about it but are unsure then get in touch with us and we will persuade you. There really is no other conference quite like it……….

Listen to more SMACC talks here.



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  2. Chris Nickson

    This is a fantastic personal exploration of the challenges faced by FOAM creators. It also gives a valuable appreciation of the point-of-view of established organisations — like professional bodies — in how they interact with us.
    Thanks Simon!

  3. Chris Nickson

    The video is now online too – feel free to embed in this post:

    (and delete this message!)

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Thanks so much for following. Viva la #FOAMed

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