JC: EAST – Let’s Be Blunt About ED Thoracotomy

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You may have heard it said that the hardest thing about performing a resuscitative thoracotomy is the decision to do it. You may also have heard it said that the above statement is nonsense; that if you find the decision hard, you probably don’t know the procedure well enough; “the intention to do it should be very […]

Free #FOAMed based courses at St.Emlyn’s. The next step in shared learning

St.Emlyn's Virtual Hospital presents

Before #FOAMed was invented the St.Emlyn’s team were already deeply immersed in online learning. Back in 2005 we began using a moodle platform to teach our junior doctors online such that we did not have to rely on everyone being in the same place at the same time. This was invention born of necessity as […]

The North West Emergency Medicine Regional Research Symposium 2015


On Thursday 23rd July we held our annual North West Emergency Medicine Regional Research Symposium. This is an opportunity to celebrate some of the fantastic Emergency Medicine research going on around Greater Manchester. And this year, as we usually do, we had a terrific line up. Here’s a quick run down on some of the […]

How to prepare your ED for a MERS-CoV outbreak


Following a successful local collaborative Ebola campaign preparation last year, the team at Virchester ED have started preparing for the next outbreak of infectious disease that threatens our quiet shores: the Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). MERS is caused by a coronavirus (often abbreviated as MERS-CoV) and coronaviruses are mainly transmitted by large respiratory droplets.  The […]

#SMACCUS: A Trainee Perspective


If you’re reading this blog then I am sure you are aware that last week Chicago played host to the super-galactic conference that is SMACC. Equally, I am sure you have read summary upon summary and a number of the some 84,655 tweets relating to the conference. This post is a small and humble offering […]