JC: Do all VTE patients need a CT for cancer?

VTE and the hunt for

Virchester has a long history of research in the ambulatory management of venous thromboembolism. Several MDs and PhDs have been completed here looking at both therapeutic and diagnostic strategies in this rather tricky group of patients. In summary, we have got a lot better at risk stratifying, investigating and treating patients with potential VTE disease, […]

Update on RCEM curriculum mapping

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The permanent page for this post can be found by clicking here. If you are a trainee or trainer in the Royal College of Emergency Medicine  (RCEM) then you should be familiar with the curriculum. This was last updated in 2010 and covers the breadth of the speciality. Here at St.Emlyn’s we believe that #FOAMed […]

JC: Don’t Write off the Respiratory Rate – Part Two


So, now we know what to do with an unexplained abnormal respiratory rate in a baby – but how do we know what constitutes an abnormal respiratory rate? That’s the question behind the second paper from a team of Australian researchers which appeared in Archives of Disease in Childhood last month. Click the image below […]

JC: Don’t Write off the Respiratory Rate – Part One


Two really interesting PEM-relevant papers appeared online first in Archives of Disease in Childhood in July – and happy days, both are FOAM! What’s great about these papers is how they compliment each other in thinking about paediatric respiratory rates. You’ll often hear respiratory rate reported as the forgotten vital sign, its significance overlooked. Most […]